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AK series speakers have the functions of K and HI. The characteristics of this series of speakers are high power, high efficiency, large sound pressure, full tone, strong and strong sense of power. First-class sound quality, sweet vocals, fast response speed, and the sound is like the galloping horses, unrestrained, and like the birds and antelopes. The true high sound pressure protection can keep the original sound undistorted under the condition of high power, and it can meet the multifunctional uses of K and HI freely in all directions. Through precise computer calibration, its phase and frequency response curves are very smooth, and the horn covers 80 ° × 50 °, which can be adjusted vertically or horizontally according to the situation.

Scope of application: Main expansion or auxiliary use of high-end bars, luxury night clubs, KTV private rooms, multi-function halls, conference rooms, etc



Product information

The following table is the latest data. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model AK-15
Frequency response 60HZ-19KHZ(±3dB)
Forehead impedance 8Ω
power 500W
Sensitivity SPL(1W/1m) 99dB
Maximum sound pressure level 126dB
Coverage angle 80°×50°
HF 1.75"
Connector NL4R+2×1/4LXR SPEAKER
size 443mm × 440mm × 716mm


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