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  • InterContinental

    InterContinental Hotels & Resorts HeFei


    InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in HeFei opened on September 10th, 2018. The acousto-optic system was built by Hertz sound. The construction period lasted for one and a half years and ended with the cheer of opening. In 2016, Hertz Audio was fortunate to be the supplier of acoustooptic system equipment for Intercontinetal Hotels&Resorts. The trip to Hefei City began and after more than 500 days and nights of testing, the Hertz team finally delivered the perfect answer.

  • Changsha

    Changsha City•MONSTER PARK


    Following Monkey Museum in Changsha City, Moyu Culture Group Changsha,CHINA once again joined hands with Hertz Audio to create a brand new night club, MONSTER PARK, located on the 2nd-3rd floor of Funny Mall Wangfujing Business Building, the busiest bar street in Changsha City.

  • CLUB



    CLUB DIAMOND is equipped with STM series of NEXO flagship products provided byHertz Audio(Guangzhou), leading the trend, NEXO can do everything to help CLUB DIAMOND reshape the new cross-border party culture, capture the soul of the night market retrograde, interpret your CLUB DIAMOND.

  • Reflection

    Reflection and reverberation time in musical acoustics


    When sound is projected onto a solid obstacle, most of the sound energy will be reflected by the surface of the obstacle

  • Sound

    Sound absorbing materials commonly used for sound absorption


    Glass wool is a category of glass fibers and is an artificial inorganic fiber

  • Amplifier

    Amplifier selection


    A power amplifier usually consists of three parts: a preamplifier, a driver amplifier, and a final stage power amplifier

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