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Unique power supply design: each channel uses a separate power supply, which can dynamically adjust the power output in real time, which can not only achieve the best power matching under different load conditions, but also avoid overheating of the power amplifier. Digital power amplifier protection system that never stops.
Eight protection functions: DC protection; internal fault protection; input overload protection; radio frequency interference protection; output short circuit protection; load mismatch protection; overheat protection; signal voltage limit protection;
Input signal full frequency band distortion-free digital dual compression function;
Perfect and firm chassis: adopts E.I.A international standard 89mm professional power amplifier chassis, strong and pressure resistant. All components have been reinforced and able to withstand long-term bumps, eliminating the worries of the mobile performance team.
Perfect input and output interface: the initial signal is input and output with XLR socket, and the amplified signal is output with banana socket and terminal. Greatly facilitate the use of various places.


Product information

The following table is the latest data. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model MA-2400
Number of channel 2 x amplifiers channel
Ouptut power

2 x 1500W/8Ω                    

2 x 2250W/4Ω                      

2 x 2950W/2Ω                     

Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz(+/-0.5dB)
Harmonic distortion ≤0.05% 4Ohms 1KHz
Conversion speed 60V/us
Damping coefficient 1500:1
Input sensitivity 0.77V/1V/1.44V/26dB
Input impedanc 10KΩ-20KΩ
Signal-to-noise ratio(A weighting) -102dB
Panel indicator light Signal,Dctive,Clip/Liniting
Power Supply 220V,50/60Hz
Operation mode AB super dynamic
Weight 31kg
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