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2U standard chassis, high-strength steel frame structure; SMT patch technology is used to ensure the consistency and stability of the product; three working modes of stereo, parallel, and bridge can be selected; toroidal transformer, full power, with magnetic screen layer , Effective isolation interference; High-power high-efficiency professional power amplifier specially designed for KTV entertainment; It has many protection measures such as DC, overload, overheat, automatic limiting and so on.


Product information

The following table is the latest data. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Model HW-900
Number of channel 2 x amplifiers channel
Ouptut power

900W/8Ω stereo                        

1350W/4Ω stereo                        

1800W/2Ω stereo                      

2700W/8Ω brigde                        

4500W/4Ω brigde

Maximum output voltage(8Ω/4ms) 141v
Maximum undistorted power(8Ω/4ms) 1400W
Input Sensitivity(x40/32dB) 2.20v
voltage gain 0.775V/0dBm x103
The power consumption of the normal 1000VA/4.3A
Max Power Dissipation 2000VA/8.7A
Weight 20kg
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