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BoreaSub 13.1

BoreaSub 13.1

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BoreaSub 13.1

Borea Sub 13.1 is a long excursion acoustic suspension system in a
ovoidal axisymmetric closed structure, characterized by extreme sensitivity,
dynamics and emission power, made with an incredibly rigid and light
structure of durable composite materials. Unlike all other alternatives
currently available, this low-frequency speaker was made without
technical and dimensional compromises, with structural technologies not
utilized in the professional audio market. Thus it achieves maximum
acoustic performance with an elegant design and a unique personality. All
other bass reflex subwoofers on the professional audio market are built
inside wooden box structures. This makes them flawed due to structural
resonances and internal acoustic problems related to stationary waves.
Furthermore, the wooden structure is very heavy and is characterized by
problems related to protection and durability, with little resistance to
atmospheric agents. Ovoidal 13.1 represents an exclusive technological
innovation, built from high quality composite materials in a special
ovoidal shell shape. The scratch-resistant glossy surfaces deliver
resistance to atmospheric agents, combined with a great power with an
extremely high efficiency and a very high sensitivity, which allows Ovoidal
13.1 to truly distinguish itself when compared to any product from the main
competing brands. Borea Sub 13.1 guarantees the perfect loading of low
frequencies in sensitivity, depth, control and SPL expressed by the usage of
few watts. Borea Sub 13.1 uses a single high quality , high excursion
transducer of 12“diameter. The structure is rigid and very light
(considering the overall weight and the dB/Kg ratio). The aesthetic impact
is extraordinary and is absolutely unique on the professional sound market.
BoreaSub 13.1
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