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Shockwave 2.1

Shockwave 2.1

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Shockwave 2.1

Shockwave 2.1 is a very high-performance, passively amplified, full-horn, three-way
system. A professional HI-PRO three-way audio system with horn-loaded speaker
technology, Shockwave is designed to seamlessly integrate the dedicated
transducers with composite horns for elevated sensitivity, dynamics,
definition, and durability. Providing wide-angle coverage of a highly controlled
sound field, it can reach sound levels at the limits of human tolerance with no
perceptible distortion. The system is thus characterized by extraordinary sound
quality while reaching elevated sonic pressures. Assembled it forms a triptych of
large horns in frontal development. The high-frequency horn is characterized by a
specially tuned shape, with long and complex development and a variable
section allowing a wide dispersion without compromising powerful energy
loading. The mid-horn Shockwave 2.1 has levels of efficiency and sensitivity that are
truly out of the ordinary. This allows for excellent dynamics that distinguish the
entire system from the first listen. The midbass-horn is used its superior
dimensions to achieve, with a powerful neodymium 8” midbass woofer,
extraordinary performances. The LF driver is protected by a water-resistant cone.
Speakers, woofers, and compression drivers all represent world-class quality, without
commercial or technological compromises. Thank its elevated sensitivity, the
system requires limited amplification power, and thus permits an extreme
simplification of the line of inputs for playback. The system can be driven, in the
three routes, completely passively through a dedicated crossover. A Full-Fat
audio FFA 6000 is the recommend amplifier partner for this solution. Otherwise,
it can be managed actively by three amplifiers and by traditional DSP. Subwoofers
sold separately
Shockwave 2.1
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