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NEXO GEO M12 amplifies Java Jazz Festival 2020

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NEXO GEO M12 amplifies Java Jazz Festival 2020

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2020/12/09 10:45
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2020 is the 16th Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF), performed by local artists and international actors. It is now one of the largest jazz festivals in the world, and the theme of this year's JJF is "redeem yourself through music".

2020 is the 16th Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF), performed by local artists and international actors. It is now one of the largest jazz festivals in the world, and the theme of this year's JJF is "redeem yourself through music". The event, which lasted three days from February 28 to March 1, was attended by 110000 people from Indonesia and neighboring countries at (JIExpo) Jakarta, one of the largest exhibition venues in Indonesia. The main actors include the Jackson Orchestra, Omar Apollo and 34 international actors, while more than 80 local artists perform on eight indoor and three outdoor stages.

The NEXO sound system stood out at the Java Jazz Festival 2020, thanks to Yamaha Indonesia Commercial Audio. The company was appointed as the national distributor of NEXO products in Indonesia last year and has achieved great success in building a network of high-quality leasing users. Mr. Chick Harai from Yamaha commented: "this year's JJF gives us an excellent opportunity to showcase the latest products launched by NEXO, as well as a lot of Yamaha digital mixing consoles."

The two indoor stage, Be One Hall and Brava Radi Hall, using NEXO's latest medium-sized linear array GEO M12 system, is also NEXO's debut at the Java Jazz Festival.

On the stage of the Be One hall, 12 NEXO GEO M12 rewards were deployed in the main sound reinforcement system. 6 RS18 ultra-low frequency speakers were set to heart-shaped pointing mode and 3 PS15-R2 were placed horizontally as front supplementary sound. The system is powered by three NXAMP4x4 and provides enough sound pressure to cover the hall of 38m*35m. The initial system design is simulated by NEXO's NS-1 simulation software, produced by the technical support team of Yamaha, and then verified and adjusted according to the actual situation of the hall. Mr. Norman Hajadi, the engineer in charge of installing the system, pointed out: "compared with other halls of similar size, I am satisfied with the results of using NEXO GEO M12 because we use fewer speakers than other halls. The NS-1 software is very accurate, giving systems engineers enough confidence to minimize the time it takes to set up and adjust. "

Mr. Agi Hardono of DSS Audio Systems added: "the main problem we face in Be One Hall is that the sound of the room is very challenging because it is a huge hangar-shaped building with a dome. The need for a speaker with precise directional control,; NEXO GEO M12, proves that it is very capable of overcoming problems in the room and can make natural and beautiful sounds. "

The sound system in the Brava Radio hall is provided by Peplus Audio, which is one of the many satisfied users of the Yamaha console. The main sound reinforcement consists of 12 NEXO GEO M12 speakers, matched with 12 NEXO MSUB18 ultra-low frequency speakers with a heart-shaped pointing array, and 2 NEXO GEO M10 speakers are set as front supplementary sound. Powered by 3 NEXO's latest generation NXAMP4x4MK2, using Dante network connection and activating analog feedback function, the system provides a very safe and anti-shedding function.

"as an integrated system, it includes prediction software, various installation accessories, configuration and monitoring," said Rizzki Bohan of Peplus Audio. NEXO helps us form a fast and accurate workflow. Accurate prediction software and DSP built into the NXAMP power amplifier help minimize the negative impact, so we only need to make some small adjustments to compensate for the acoustics of the room. This time, cost-effectiveness is crucial for leasing companies. "

Mr. Bohan added: "personally, I really like the frequency response of the NEXO MSUB18 ultra-low frequency speakers." Although it is only a single 18-inch speaker, it sounds very full. The match between the ultra-low frequency and the GEO M12 is easy to configure using presets. It was soon set up correctly in the venue. "

Both Peplus Audio and DSS Audio Systems are considered Yamaha rental partners because they have inventory of Yamaha CL/QL mixing systems. In fact, DSS is the first Indonesian company to compete with PM7. NEXO audio and amplifiers are supported by Indonesian dealers of Yamaha Music and provide additional products from IM Solution as one of the Indonesian NEXO distributors.

Nearly 80% of the stages use the Yamaha digital mixing console for sound reinforcement and monitoring, which proves that the Yamaha system is very popular in the Indonesian market. Other Java Jazz suppliers that choose to take the Yamaha route include Soundworks and Total Audio.

Yamaha also appeared there in his own name, and there was a booth showing a variety of live instruments, all of which were perfectly presented by NEXO's new pair of P12 point speakers and four new NEXO L15 ultra-low frequency speakers.

Chick Hirai from Yamaha commented: "this year's Java Jazz Festival is very special for us; we are very good at delivering natural jazz sounds, so it is a win-win for everyone." We thank our leasing partners, users and distributors for their support, as well as the Yamaha console and NEXO sound system for their performance during the JJF event. "