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Shunde Entertainment Bar

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Shunde Entertainment Bar

2018/11/14 15:05
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[Shunde Entertainment Bar] A number of star meetings, the NEXO sound system will bring you unprecedented shocking audio-visual experience
[Shunde Entertainment Bar] A number of star meetings, the NEXO sound system will bring you unprecedented shocking audio-visual experience!
Guangzhou Hertz Audio Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating diversified high-end professional audio systems integrating product development, engineering design and construction, performance equipment leasing and product wholesale and retail. Hertz Audio's main business scope includes: professional theaters, concert halls, TV studios, stadiums, large-scale performances, entertainment centers, clubs, nightclubs, international convention and exhibition centers, conference centers, and other audio and video, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service. The company has been adhering to the business philosophy of "honesty, cooperation and win-win", and develop together with customers, partners and employees.
First, the healthy nightclub around you!
Shunde Entertainment Bar gives you a comprehensive enjoyment of the stars. The healthy nightclubs around you present a classic nostalgic atmosphere, using industrial retro style to create this effect.
Shunde Entertainment·Bar's brand philosophy is elegance, taste, memories, food, music, these five points of integration, the achievement of noble art "healthy nightclubs."
Second, entertainment. Bar uses NEXO
The media focused on the entertainment venue on December 30th. Su Yongkang. Bar mini concert will use the French NEXO sound system, the world's top 100 DJ first Martin Lucis praised the perfect sound system.
NEXO's top audio system bombards your audiovisual senses. The whole game uses the French Nexus NEXO sound system. The main sound reinforcement is the STM system: M28 and B112 form a heavy pressure field, and the PS series acts as an auxiliary sound reinforcement to implement the card seat area and the back field. The scattered area; STMS118 is the main ultra-low, LS18.E for the auxiliary ultra-low match to the fullest, colliding with a new range.
As a top international brand, NEXO has created more entertainment legends with high standardization, making happiness everywhere.
Third, entertainment. Bar club has a temperament nightclub
Tasting the most pure tone, the perfect sensory experience shocks the visual. Enjoy the elegance of the night when you have the elegance and dew decoration you want with an eclectic layout and atmosphere. Orderly, refined, stylish and charming.
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