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InterContinental Hotels & Resorts HeFei

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InterContinental Hotels & Resorts HeFei

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2018/12/01 15:33
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InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in HeFei opened on September 10th, 2018. The acousto-optic system was built by Hertz sound. The construction period lasted for one and a half years and ended with the cheer of opening. In 2016, Hertz Audio was fortunate to be the supplier of acoustooptic system equipment for  Intercontinetal Hotels&Resorts. The trip to Hefei City began and after more than 500 days and nights of testing, the Hertz team finally delivered the perfect answer.

As the world’s first international luxury hotel brand, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in Hefei City has been pioneering travel across the globe for more than 70 years. We’re proud to share both international know-how and local cultural wisdom with our guests at every one of our hotels — from historic buildings to city landmarks and immersive resorts.
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in HeFei City, the acousto-optic and integrated system system is built by Hertz Audio(Guangzhou )Co., Ltd.. The construction period lasted for one and a half years, accompanied by the opening cheer, will be perfect. After the test of more than 500 days and nights, Hertz's team will be more perfect and mature...  
Hertz Audio(Guangzhou ) & InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in HeFei City 
InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in HeFei City opened on September 10th, 2018. The acousto-optic system was built by Hertz Audio. The construction period lasted for one and a half years and ended with the cheer of opening. In 2016, Hertz Audio was fortunate to be the supplier of acoustooptic system equipment for Hefei Intercontinental Hotel. The trip to Hefei City began and after more than 500 days and nights of testing, the Hertz team finally delivered the perfect answer.