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Changsha City•MONSTER PARK

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Changsha City•MONSTER PARK

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2018/12/01 15:32
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Following Monkey Museum in Changsha City, Moyu Culture Group Changsha,CHINA once again joined hands with Hertz Audio to create a brand new night club, MONSTER PARK, located on the 2nd-3rd floor of Funny Mall Wangfujing Business Building, the busiest bar street in Changsha City.
Following Monkey Museum in Changsha City,Moyu Culture Group Changsha,CHINA once again joined hands with Hertz AudioGuangzhouto create a brand new night club, which is MONSTER PARK, located on the 2nd-3rd floor of Funny Mall Wangfujing Business Building,the busiest bar street in Changsha City. It advocates the spirit of entertainment, which is free from restraint and enjoyable. Using international avant-garde conceptual space experience, we can provide people with a variety of fresh cultural products. With NEXO as the audio system, the Hertz team reinterpreted the myth of incapacity and impatience.
Double stage mode
The awesome return of the double stage model boldly combines classics with a sense of future. Restart the dual DJ configuration, half the electro-acoustic elements and half the deductive slices seamlessly fit here. With the stage as the carrier, it injects unique artistic vitality while returning to classics. It's fascinating to see the perfect switching of the form of play in the light and unrestrained night,a tale of two worlds days.
Playground props
Playing wilfully with the visual blue-eyed boy on the Internet device, all kinds of play props to break the barrier of dimensionality. Breakthrough imagination is not confined to the quagmire, but is a continuation of diversified and subversive play within the times.
Musical belief
To build a music Utopia full of resonance, a series of global RAVE culture, international mainstream music, international top musicians will collide in here. Monsters are uncertain and inclusive about everything and have unlimited possibilities about RAVE culture. It doesn't have established principles and rules. No matter what style of music you like, it will tolerate you. The odd coffee who does something against the tide can liberate the real side of yourself here.
Artistic interpretation 
People have reshaped the deductive way in traditional impression and tried to mix artistic elements with deductive slices. When the ideology of art reaches its extreme, the existing mainstream rules will be broken. In addition to the mainstream RAVE culture and world-class music producers, the shocking performance of dance will also be presented here as art products.
Unique aesthetics
Crazy Horse - Le show, Circus Soleil, Moulin Rouge and other forms of artistic performance will be presented on the stage every night, where the aesthetics of light and shadow and music are perfectly integrated. Extremely shocking performance mode, fantastic costume artistic performers, 30 individual creative elements are integrated, all kinds of novelty are integrated into the particle deduction, so that the beauty of dance deduction into the most pure artistic expression of monsters. You will see a different fantasy world every night.
Infinite creativity
To inherit and create a new mode of play by combining the classic domestic audio-video party with the park-style deductive play. Breakthrough imagination is not confined to the quagmire, but it is a continuation of diversified and subversive play within the times. Cross-border, innovation, subversion and play are our basic attributes. Art, fashion, magic, science and technology, everything about madness and creativity will be opened here.
Birthday party
It's not just a birthday party in the simple sense, to satisfy all your fantasies about birthdays.
Hertz Audio(Guangzhou)&NEXO
MONSTER PARK uses French NEXO audio products represented by Hertz Audio(Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. The main amplifier is NEXO GEOS12 linear array. The main line array adopts 3+1 method, that is, three NEXO GEOS12 are combined with one NEXO LS18 medium and low frequency speaker to form a three-frequency audio system, which makes the sound performance more perfect. Compared with the conventional two-frequency linear array combination, the hierarchical sense is enhanced, the low frequency performance is better, the low frequency extended descent is better, and the sound field is wider.
The auxiliary full-frequency is NEXO PS15R2 single 15 inch full-frequency. The new PSR2 series speakers not only inherit the superb performance of the former, but also make great breakthroughs in withstanding power and bandwidth. The special asymmetric diffusion constant directivity horn design can rotate the horn quickly according to the use environment. The auxiliary ultra-low frequency is NEXO LS18E single 18-inch ultra-low frequency. LS18E uses two stacks. This LS18E ultra-low frequency group achieves the effect of 1+1>2. Compared with the conventional double 18-frequency group, it has a larger sound pressure level, better low-frequency performance, smaller volume and avoids occupying too much space.