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Glorious Journey

About Hertz

Think of what customers think, urgency for customers; let customers enjoy truly high-quality and efficient services.

Glorious Journey

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Founded in 1998, the Hertz team has trained nearly a thousand technology and sales elites. 19 years of service for 16,000 customers nationwide and overseas. Since 2006, he has successfully assisted large-scale live parties such as CCTV Spring Festival Evening and Mid-Autumn Festival Evening; in 2010, NEXO (France Lisu) and LANDOR (Blue Point) business units were established; in 2011, it became China's largest mass-market KTV strategic partner; 2013 The BOSE business unit was established; in 2016, the MUSICSON business unit was established. Our products and quality services help 93.5% of our customers quickly recover their investment costs and continue to make a profit and reinvest.
While paying attention to brand promotion, we are pursuing the perfect system service.
Each of our steps and every measure is measured according to the changing market and user needs. We are concentrating on exploring and pursuing the improvement and upgrading of system services with the current international popular service concept, and strive to satisfy your needs to the greatest extent. While setting up the Ministry of Trade, Marketing, Engineering, and Support, we have set up a comprehensive management department to fully realize our pursuit of comprehensive service with a fast and convenient logistics system and coordination and regulation mechanism.