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Company Culture

About Hertz

Think of what customers think, urgency for customers; let customers enjoy truly high-quality and efficient services.

Company Culture

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·Corporate spirit:
Hard work and innovation.
·Business philosophy:
Hertz Audio has always been adhering to the "honesty-based, win-win cooperation" business philosophy, and the majority of customers, partners and company employees work together for common development.
·Enterprise brand concept:
Create quality speakers, create quality projects, and win the industry's reputation.
·Human resources concept:
Choosing people with morality, both ability and political integrity, people do their best, they do their best. The company always adheres to the principle of knowing people's use, understanding people, understanding people and respecting people; not only knowing people, knowing the development potential of each employee, creating a relaxed working environment for everyone; not blaming employees for allowing self-discipline Provide each employee with a stage to display their talents and create opportunities for learning, development and promotion. Treating with sincerity, being kind to others, being tolerant and understanding, not engaging in internal consumption, dedicating to love, loyalty to duty, taking the company as the home, and the company's advancement and retreat have become the conscious action of every employee.
·Service philosophy:
Think of what customers think, urgency for customers; let customers enjoy truly high-quality and efficient services.
·core value:
There is no end to innovation, and there is no end to service.
·professional team
Hertz Audio brings together a group of highly skilled senior engineers, a group of creative and highly motivated technicians, with independent engineering, technical service capabilities such as independent design, installation, commissioning and maintenance; treating customers with enthusiasm and sincerity; Treat yourself to strict requirements, study hard and keep making progress. Since its establishment, the company has won the trust of new and old customers with its creative design concept, perfect marketing network, sincere and sincere service attitude, positive and enterprising spirit, honest and trustworthy corporate reputation, mutual benefit and common development. With support.
·R & D team
Foreign R&D Center:
The company has always adhered to the concept of continuous independent innovation. Established a foreign R&D center to develop and upgrade its own audio speaker unit technology using world-class technology, high-end talents and information resources. At the same time, according to our cabinet requirements, we jointly undertake technical research projects, and often carry out two-way communication between technical personnel, which has improved the core competitiveness as a whole and developed a top-quality sound that is truly suitable for the Chinese market.
Over the years, R&D centers have played a huge role in highly competitive technologies, products and solutions, providing strong support for Hertz Audio's development in the Chinese market.
Domestic R&D Center:
The “Hertz” domestic R&D center aims to maintain high quality and continuous improvement. Over the years, we have gathered a number of experienced audio R&D engineers and excellent hardware technical engineers. We are not only committed to enhancing R&D and innovation capabilities, but also to focus on the training of technical talents. Long-term and efficient technological innovation has laid a solid foundation for the company's development.
The R&D center's services focus on the Chinese entertainment market, focusing on the development of a new generation of top-quality audio with Chinese culture that is more forward-looking and suitable for the mass market.
·sales team
Hertz Audio Co., Ltd.'s marketing strategy:
1. Establish the company's brand image with excellent quality.
In the course of many years of operation, we found that the number of dealers was very good, and the market was very chaotic, which caused many customers to have various doubts about the products. In this chaotic market, in order to attract the attention of consumers and win the favor of consumers, they must have their own unique features; therefore, it is very important to adjust marketing strategies and establish a boutique image. Therefore, the company set out to develop the mid-to-high-end entertainment market, innovate product quality, and establish its own unique corporate culture and service concept. The new market positioning has greatly enhanced the company's credibility and visibility, and the company's sales have increased significantly.
2. Brand marketing as the market orientation.
Brand marketing is an essential element in market expansion. To do a "competitive" positioning, there must be two goals: one is the brand, and the other is sales. Both are important, and one cannot be less. However, many companies tend to focus on sales and ignore the value of the brand. This led them to just want to sell the sales, thus ignoring the quality of the product and often resorting to fraud. Without a long-term goal, it is impossible to stick to the brand strategy. As a result, it is difficult to form a solid brand value. And because of the lack of brand support, even the best sales can only be a short-lived, difficult to last. In order to adhere to its own brand strategy, the company has not only become the world's top audio NEXO, the French entertainment general manager, the MUSICSON Asia General Manager, but also introduced the LANDOR British blue with pure British aristocracy and independent intellectual property rights. Point audio brand.
3. Establish market positioning at medium and high prices.
Quality and price are also important considerations. The demand for audio in China is quite large, but most of them have lower quality and additional requirements. The company must take the professional route, not only to continuously introduce research and development, but also to continuously innovate products. In view of the development of the entertainment industry, the quality and technical disadvantages of the entertainment industry, give full play to our excellent quality and technical advantages, define the industry "quality standards" with high-quality sound system performance, and position the product quality and price in the middle and high-end. Nowadays, many high-end entertainment projects elaborately created by the Hertz people have received good response and created good benefits for customers.
4. Stay in touch with customers with personalized service.
The importance of services is getting more and more attention. If the market development is "entrepreneurial", the service is "staying in business". Compared with the passion of the former, the latter needs professional attitude and continuous enthusiasm. The basis of personalized service is professional. When the customer consults, the service team should give professional feedback in time; help the customer analyze the feasibility and judge the value, instead of veto or unrealistic promise. When a customer makes a special request, he must seriously seek a solution for it, and truly communicate with the customer actively and responsibly.
5. Develop markets with high quality exhibitors.
Participation is also an important way for Hertz Audio to expand the market. Hertz Audio is very dedicated to every exhibition in Guangzhou, with a special focus on the “quality” of the exhibition. The company booth is always in the most conspicuous place of the exhibition. In order to display a variety of high-quality sound systems, we will decorate two KTV rooms in the booth. This has greatly enhanced the company's image and better promoted our products. If you don't highlight your image, you can't sell your own products. Besides, even a company that doesn't do well in corporate image, who can believe that you can provide high-quality products?
·Engineering team
Hertz Audio Co., Ltd. Engineering Team:
The strength of the team is the core driving force of the enterprise. “Hertz” embodies the high-end technical talents of the Quartet. It is a technical team that integrates design, testing, installation and commissioning. Over the years, the development has not only enhanced the teamwork awareness of all employees, but also fully tapped the potential of individuals and groups.
“Hertz” regards the establishment of a highly cohesive and tacit cooperation team as the unique competitiveness of the company. Under the principle of the common goal of common goals, the team of complementary strengths has infinitely expanded the competitiveness of enterprises. The healthy growth of each colleague is the result of the cultivation of Hertz. Each successful case embodies the wisdom of the Hertz team. Information disclosure, resource sharing, and selfless mutual assistance are the joys of the team that every "Hertz" person feels at all times.
A team's good benefits are indispensable to the company's brand advantage. "Hertz" is not only the world's top audio NEXO, the French entertainment general manager, the Spanish MUSICSON, the Asian General Manager, but also the introduction of pure British aristocratic bloodline and independent knowledge. The LANDOR blue dot of property rights.
Good products have better service
Each of our work is tailored to the needs of the market and users. We are constantly exploring new products to improve and improve our products and services, reflecting the most advanced service concepts and ensuring that your needs are met the most. In order to achieve the highest quality service, we have set up the engineering department and R&D department, and set up a special after-sales service department.
If you have any comments on our services, please feel free to contact us.
Intense market competition has always been our favorite of these audiophiles. The experience of the past and the present tells us that in order to stand out among many competitors, we must recruit a group of heroes and join forces. We will enhance the competitiveness of our products through the introduction of research and development and independent innovation. The successful experience of the market tells us that: constantly innovating products, constantly improving the quality, meticulous service, advanced ideas and keen eyes are the responsibility of our generation of audiophiles, and the company's continuous development and growth. law.
Today, your concern for Hertz is our opportunity to showcase products and services, technology and cooperation. I believe that with this time, our cooperation will be broader.
The road is long and it’s a long way to go! In the future cooperation, no matter if you have any questions or requirements, please let us know in time, we will do our best to serve you as soon as possible. Here, on behalf of Hertz Audio Company, I would like to thank you for your support and trust in our work. I sincerely hope that your business will flourish and your financial resources will flourish.